The death hawk.

Return to Orange County
Zorn, an animated warrior, travels from his hometown to reunite with his son, Alangulon.

Season: 01 Episode: 01
Total Episode Count: 01
Prod. no.: 1AYA01
First Aired: September 11, 2016

Featuring: Zorn, Alan
Also Appearing: Edie, Craig, Linda, Skunkman, Scott, Nancy, Headbutt Man
Director: Eric Appel

Writers: Reed Agnew, Eli Jorné


While in Zephyria defeating monsters, Zorn, an animated warrior, receives a notification that his son, Alangulon, aka Alan, has his 17th birthday coming up. After his flight to Orange County, California, he arrives at Edie's house to discover that she has a fiancé, Craig. Zorn begins to get annoyed about Edie and Craig's relationship. He goes for a walk to blow off steam to discover Alan's bus. Alan then pleads for the bus driver to drive off. Alan returns home later that night to discover his birthday present, a brain gouger, resulting in disappointment in his father.


While on the phone with Headbutt Man in the forest, Zorn discovers Edie nearby to drop off some food and necessities for him. He questions where Alan is, but Edie tells him that he should stay for good and be apart of Alan's life. As Headbutt Man reveals he is still on the phone, his son gets murdered, making Zorn realize he should stay and try to bond with his Son. Zorn successes in getting an apartment, a job, and attempting to reach Alan.

Zorn and Alan meet up at a practice field for baseball pitching, but Alan shows no interest in Zorn. They go to dinner where Zorn is confused about what is going on with Alan, but Zorn only manages to get himself kicked out of the restaurant, while also embarrassing Alan, in front of his crush, Nancy. In an effort to show he's a good father, Zorn gets him a death hawk, as Alan reveals he hates the bus. But Edie objects to the hawk, resulting in Zorn killing the hawk. Later that night as Alan goes to bed, Edie tells Alan that although Zorn is trying, they are nothing like him. As Alan brushes his teeth, his animated legs are revealed. Meanwhile, Craig is stuck cleaning up the aftermath of the death hawk.

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