• The website Zorn puts his castle up for rent is called According to the site Zorn lives at 3745 Only Road in Zephyria, he offers the entire home, 12 bedrooms and parking.
  • According to the sign on the school bus, Alan attends Fullerton Hills High School, Fullerton is a city in northern Orange County.
  • The song playing while Zorn is traveling to Orange County is Everybody's Talkin' by Harry Nilsson, known for its use in the 1968 movie Midnight Cowboy.
  • The song playing during the montage of Zorn on his phone calling Alan is the instrumental version of the Doobie Brothers' "What a Fool Believes".
  • The home button on Zorn's phone is triangle shaped and the battery life indicator is diamond shaped.
  • On Zorn's resume, it lists that he's been Defender of Zephyria since 1972. Underneath it reads, "This one is pretty self explanatory as it is also my last name. Born in to a long line of Zephyrian defenders, it is my duty to defend Zephyria from those who wish to destroy it, such as Glombeasts, Lava Monsters, Vampires, the Liberal Media, etc."
  • Under that are his skills which include, "Battling, rampaging, torture, laceration, crucifixion, implement, misery, torment, skateboarding, beatboxing, swordsmanship, archery, decapitation and improv."
  • Alan's animated legs are not seen until the episode's conclusion, they are covered by either long trousers or is only shown from the waist up until then. In his baby videos he is wearing leggings and socks.
  • The video of Zorn tossing baby Alan is called "alangulon_toss.mp4."

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